Matt Perry


Matt Perry


I spun my first set of decks at the age of 15. Have been a bedroom DJ ever since. I am originally from England, moved to Scotland at the age of 15, and have lived in Fife since then.

I got into music production in 2013 with my friend Lewis as Dualistic, later to be renamed as LM13. We produce house and trance music, and have a small following on social media. I also am a keen Photographer, and I have had my work published in a few photography books.

Have done a few weddings but mostly enjoy scenic photography. I had a business page for DJ events but had a very small following and didn’t do much with it. Once Lockdown happened, I thought I would go live on Facebook for a bit of fun. 700 followers later here I am.

Now I DJ regularly on my page and also on a Thursday night on Jim the Jannys Virtual Bar.

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